GMI Hi-Tech Think Tank

Great Manager Institute™ brings to you “GMI Hi-Tech Think Tank Program”, where we create a special community of technology enthusiasts, who can be privy to the growth story of this technology focused global company (starting from India and expanding to the world), while improving their own technical DNA. Every think tank member shall act as an ambassador of GMI Hi-Tech.

Who should Apply?
  • Designation wise: Anyone from a fresher to a business leader
  • Department wise: Anyone from a Technology expert to a Commerce graduate with appreciation of technology in their DNA.
  • Domain wise: Any domain, but someone with the experience of Human Resources sector is always preferred.

In short, you can apply to be part of our think tank, if you are enthusiastic about the following:

  1. Artificial Intelligence, NLP, Machine Learning, and above all, Data Analytics
  2. Future of digital disruption in the field of People Management (watch this Video to check if you fit here).
  3. Being able to tell a Story tomorrow that you were one of the initial architects of "Great Manager Institute (GMI)- the global leader that has redefined People Management".
What do you get?
  • Brand and HR Value: Being part of a strong brand such as Great Manager Institute™ that is expanding globally and is being appreciated by the best of the world, adds a lot to the overall value of the ambassador. We are redefining people management globally, and becoming a party to this revolution adds significantly to your curriculum vitae.
  • Opportunity to Network: Prasenjit Bhattacharya, Ashwin Srivastava, Anantadeb Bandopadhyay, just google these names and you will know the kind of people already associated with us. Dr Ram Charan, regarded by Fortune as the most influential consultant alive, has also appreciated and advised our Organization. The access to be able to learn from these stalwarts is an opportunity hard to miss. Moreover, other ambassadors will also be individuals with thought processes similar to you.
  • Satisfy your Technology needs: Whether you are a strong proponent of Artificial Intelligence, or a fresh wide-eyed HR professional enthusiastic about knowing how data analytics technology will disrupt your industry, you will have a craving to know about latest technology innovations and ideas- we cater to that craving. Additionally, we provide alpha access to some of our innovative tools such as Opinion Behavior Mapping and Analytics (OBMA).
  • Opportunity to make it Big: This is applicable selectively for young blood. By being our ambassador, not only does your learning take a leap, you also get a chance to participate in freelancing opportunities, latest openings with us, commission and referral bonuses, and so on.
  • Access to Quarterly meetings: We conduct quarterly meetings for the Ambassador group, and you will have access to the same, thus getting access to networking, learning, fun, and technology action.
  • Access to Webinars and selected Learning Programs: We treat ambassadors as our team members, providing them a number of amenities provided to team members, such as free access to webinars etc.
  • Invitation to internal Annual Learning Conference and similar selected conferences, meant for extended family of GMI.
What do you need to give?
  • Time (voluntarily): Our Ambassadors are part of a voluntary community, where the agenda is to network and improve the self. So you may require to give time to learn and teach, as your learning will be proportional to your ability to teach and provide. Any time voluntarily given, is acceptable.
  • Opinions: Much of the time mentioned above will go in providing opinions as sought by us, on various innovations that we create.
  • Being a brand and technology Ambassador: We expect you to be ambassador of our indigenous products, backed by latest technologies, amongst your organizational and personal circles. By being an ambassador, you help the society, besides helping yourself learn and earn.