Great Manager Institute™ Mentors

Great Manager Institute™ is currently in the process of creating an exclusive community- a community of mentors who can guide managers on their people management style within the framework of Great Manager Institute™. Its an opportunity for potential mentors to be a part of our invaluable brand, thus adding to their brand value besides receiving additional compensation for the same depending on the number of managers mentored. Most importantly, being part of this community helps the Mentors improve upon their learning and knowledge. A GMI Mentor may or may not be a GMI Certified Great People Manager™.

  • To start off, we are inviting applications from potential Mentors.
  • The selected Mentors will be informed about their selection within 3 weeks of their submission of the application. T&C acceptance shall be needed for official on-boarding as Mentor.
  • We will then keep our Mentors in loop and keep them apprised of our progress and expectations from them.
  • We will share our copyrighted materials and have one-on-one interaction with them.
  • Based on mutual progress on the learning of Great Manager Institute™ Framework, we will provide them access to our Mentor Portal, through which managers can be guided and mentored online.
  • Expectations will generally vary between 1-2 hours a week per active manager under mentorship. The process of assigning managers is expected to start from June 1 2018 in a controlled fashion.
  • Until then, the selected Mentors shall be engaged with regular updates and offline/ online meetings from our end. Special mentors may be requested for special projects.

If you are excited to be a part of this revolution as a mentor-contributor, please fill this form and apply to be the same. If you have more questions about this exclusive community, simply send us an email on

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