Guided Great People Manager™ Certification

Great Manager Institute is redefining the idea of People Management, by providing a Certification program recognized across the globe, that uses digital platform and latest technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics) combining the same with offline support, to provide personalized assessment, evaluation, learning (theoretical and practical), and engagement, to managers across the globe, in the context of your Organization.

Why should an Organization do this?
  • Improve People Manager Effectiveness: We believe "Style is the new Skill". So even before spending on skill development of managers, people manager style development is needed. And our framework is globally accepted.
  • Get Ready for Digital Disruption: Once you decide on improving people manager effectiveness, you have a few options in hand: go for an expensive one on one coaching program, go for e-learning courses (in-house or external), go for long interventions, and so on. Imagine a case where the best of each is combined in an intelligent digital format. That's what GGPMC does.
  • Ensure no Additional time away from work for Managers: Our process is such that we merge with the regular work being done by the manager, and ensure learning on the go.
  • Increase your Employability Brand: If you are undergoing Great People Manager Study, your managers may get recognized. But an international certification helps them become more valuable, thus adding to the overall value of your company. If you are not undergoing the Study, this certification becomes even more important in terms of brand value creation.

In short, this Certification course is not a luxury, but something every organization needs, and something no other training can ever replace. After all, we use hundreds of millions of data points to create an artificially intelligent methodology causing personalization and contextualization in assessment and learning.

What is the Process?
  • Invite and Nominate your Managers: We recommend a full scale intervention, but you can start with a pilot also. Being a modern digital scaleable platform, we can provide the best even in a pilot mode.
  • 1 Day Workshop: This workshop’s objective is to introduce managers to the Connect, Develop, Inspire © Framework. This simple framework by Great Manager Institute makes it easy for the managers to comprehend and understand how they should improve their people management efficiency but uses smart and complex techniques on the back-end.
  • Intelligent Digital Intervention: The workshop is followed by installation of the Great Manager Institute App that leads to Certification. The workshop is able to contextualize the needs of the manager, and this app further personalizes the same, leading to a very unique experience where the timeline of certification is dependent on the manager.
What is the next Step? I need to know more.

If you simply need to know more, you can go through our detailed presentation here, it not only talks about our value, but also our pricing. Or simply express your interest by filling this form below.

Even if you are doubtful, we will suggest you talk to one of our experts. Our Certification is first of its kind globally and easily the most coveted, but more importantly, its the only certification that can use global benchmarks to personalize assessment and learning, thus improving overall efficiency. This should be the first Learning spend for your organization.