Future of Human Relationships

You must attend this webinar if you are:

  • Curious about the role of technology in shaping your personal and professional relationships
  • Concerned about the common myths around the longevity and genuineness of tech-enabled relationships
  • An enthusiast with a tech-bend of mind with a keenness to interact with our star panel of experts
  • Keen to understand how data and artificial intelligence can help you become a better people manager

Agenda of the Webinar

Summary: All of us know that a digital revolution is underway. AI and Tech is a medium to facilitate the progress of our generation and how we can make most out of it into areas like relationships which are very sensitive and dominated by old-school traditions and preconceived notions; to prepare the world for the change that is necessary, fast and better for all of us.

Detailed Agenda: 
1. Introduction of Panelists - 5 minutes
2. Showcasing some path-breaking discoveries - 5 minutes
3. Interaction with panellists on Future of Human Relationships. - 20 minutes
4. What are the external tools that can help in data-driven decision making with respect to people management? - 10 minutes
5. Floor open to the audience for Q&A and solutions to specific problems- 20 minutes

By the end of the Webinar, our aim is to ensure that you feel more ready and confident for tech-enabled Future of Human Relationships which will be more exciting and bring all us closer for a better tomorrow.

Timing of the Webinar

Tuesday 9th October, 10 am to 11 am


Balbir Singh and Pawan Kumar constitute Panel Board for this webinar.

Alumni of IIMC, Balbir Singh is a seasoned professional with over 13 years of experience in Indian Multinational companies like Infosys, Amex, MAQ Software and EXL Consulting. His core areas of expertise are in the areas of Operations Consulting, Program Management, IT Strategy and Consulting, Application Development, and Client Relationship Management. His experience spans across working in geographies covering India, US, UK, Australia and South Africa for major Tech companies in Banking and Insurance space. He takes a special interest in data analytics and digital innovations and has a deep understanding of the latest technology offerings. He is also a founding member of an NGO that provides medical and education support services to underprivileged in Mumbai.

Pawan is the founder of betterhalf.ai - a product that aims to beautifully impact the personal lives of individuals with the help of AI. Betterhalf is India's first AI-powered Life-Partner search engine. Pawan believes in breaking old myths and his product has already started disproving some very old preconceived baseless notions about human relationships using AI. A BITs BE engineer, Pawan holds MBA from MIT. Different work experiences from companies TigerText, Layer, Twitter decorates the professional life of Pawan.