How to Prepare your People Managers for the Data Revolution

This seminar is for:

  1. Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders who worry about how data will disrupt the status quo in their organizations.
  2. HR Leaders and Managers who want to implement policies to get their People Managers ready for the data disruption.
  3. Any manager who is interested in knowing how data can be used in People Management.
Agenda of the Webinar

Agenda Summary: All of us know that a digital revolution is underway and is being led by DATA. In this new world where data has started taking prominence, are we ready as People Managers to manage our teams more effectively? This webinar tries to prepare you for the Data Revolution.

Detailed Agenda:
1. What is the Data Revolution? Is it real? Is it here? - 10 minutes
2. How to get a data-focused mindset as a People Manager - 10 minutes
3. Interaction with audience regarding their problems in digital adaption - 10 minutes
4. What are the external tools that can help in data-driven decision making with respect to People Management? - 15 minutes
5. Floor open to the audience for Q&A and solutions to specific problems - 15 minutes

By the end of the Webinar, our aim is to ensure that you feel more ready to tackle the data revolution. As an HR leader, you should know some of the steps needed to change the mindset of your managers; while as a manager, you should know how to start taking required steps.

Timing of the Webinar

Tuesday 30th October, 10 am to 11 am


Ashwin Srivastava

  • Data Investor and Entrepreneur
  • Forbes Honouree
  • Spearheaded Global Investments in Technology
  • Cofounder, Great Manager Institute™

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