An introduction to the concept of Connect, Develop, Inspire and its importance in becoming a great people manager

How can you become a great people manager? Is there a single framework that can answer this question for any geography or any level of manager?

Here is an article written by our team member Garima Verma, that has garnered praise and acceptance from countries in all 6 continents of the globe.

In management, it is a widely popular idea that employees leave managers, and not their companies. The quality of relationship between a manager and the employee has an immediate effect on the engagement of the employee. It determines their motivation level, intent to stay & the discretionary effort put in by the employees towards their job.

Everyday interactions between the manager and employee can increase or deplete the level of trust from ‘the trust reservoir’. For the relationship to be functional, a minimum balance needs to be maintained. Actions such as not keeping promises decrease an employee’s trust in the manager, while appreciation for a job well done increases the employee’s trust. This trust is built through the skills the manager possesses, actions that he/she takes and the practices institutionalized in the organization which support the manager in performing his/her role.

Is there a framework that draws on common principles underlying the varying styles that managers may bring to the table?  

The answer is Yes!

Irrespective of the cultural context, industry in which they work in, functions they manage, and their personality traits, all managers must Connect, Develop and Inspire their team to be effective.

  • Managers Connect with employees by communicating regularly, caring for them and being fair.
  • Managers Develop employees by providing constructive feedback and growth opportunities.
  • Managers Inspire employees by recognizing their contribution & celebrating together.

Are people skills intrinsic or can managers be trained or coached for better people skills?


Today, young management graduates, soon after proving their worth in individual contributor roles, become managers very early on in their careers. While some people have great managerial skills intuitively, others may need a little handholding. Great Manager Institute™, through its personalized assessment, digital mentoring and sharing of #ManagerMantras aims to do just that. People managers can become early users of the App here.

Even organizations need to realize that people managers are one of the critical elements in driving sustained high performance. Several organizations have already launched programs and practices to enable managers’ development. Great People Manager™ Study, aims to assess people manager effectiveness at an organization and recognize the best companies in the country in this domain. Nominations for the study are being accepted here.

The longer version of this article and responses to the same can be viewed here.



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