Leadership is different from Management. Learn how!

A leader is generally someone whose vision and goals are aligned with those of his followers. People respect and are inspired by him to allow themselves to be guided by his actions. A manager, on the other hand, is more structured in his activities and behaviour. To ensure optimum efficiency and productivity, he establishes processes and systems among his team’s functioning.

A people manager is defined as someone who manages relationships with the people around him. In order to be a Great People Manager™, one must also embrace the leadership side of this role.

A large area of responsibility lies in integrating the people, systems and vision that represent the team. This means connecting with each team member, developing systems to help them perform better and inspiring them to align with the vision of the company.

How and why is communication done? It’s simple, really. Communication means conveying messages in a clear and concise manner such that the receiver comprehends it. This can help to bridge any existing gaps and remove any scope for misinterpretations.

By mutually discussing what the manager expects from his team members as well as what the team members wish to learn, suitable goals can be set. Such discussions allow both parties to be emotionally involved in this target. This keeps the goal both achievable as well as slightly challenging and ambitious for the individual.

If your team member can do any of your tasks 80% as well as you may have done it, you should delegate it to them. This gives them hands-on experience, while also freeing up 100% of your time to focus on something else. By establishing trust, a sense of freedom and empowerment is also weaved into this relationship.

Great People Manager™s are not insecure about their team members out-performing them. This actually shows that they are doing their jobs effectively, and are growing and developing the people working under them to become potential managers themselves. This shows growth and development of the manager himself.

So, a great people manager is much more than a great leader! A great leader has to be great at inspiring, but a great people manager must be great at connecting, developing as well as inspiring.

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  • Leaders know that people who work for them have the answers or are able to find them. They see their people as competent and are optimistic about their potential. They resist the temptation to tell their people what to do and how to do it. Managers assign tasks and provide guidance on how to accomplish them.

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