GMI valued at 5.5 million USD (Q2 End 2018)

Great Manager Institute (GMI), a lifetime digital coach and profiler for people managers headquartered in Mumbai, has been recently valued at an amount of about INR 38,40,00,000 (approximately 5.5 million USD) by a prominent merchant banking firm. The valuation has been done as per data till the end of the previous quarter.

“We are in the sweet spot between an HR company with access to hundreds of millions of data points and a technology company with the capability to churn data and redefine people management. This makes our offerings very unique, and hence we expect to grow in our valuation and revenue numbers significantly in the coming year. We have clear plans of expansion to Silicon Valley after setting our footprint in India and Sri Lanka.”, says Neelima Gulavani, representative of Great Manager Institute™.

GMI also conducts India’s largest study on people managers, Great People Manager Study, that evaluates organizations and individuals for their people manager effectiveness. Recently, GMI has been in news for roping in Suryanarayana Kodukalla, a Google Veteran, to its Advisory Board. It has also been in news for its partnerships with media bodies Forbes India and Pushstart.

Detailed news of the same can be seen here.



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