Great Manager Institute partners with the Entrepreneurship Cell IIT Bombay

A nationwide study conducting the evaluation of people managerial effectiveness in start-ups and entrepreneurs has been launched by the Great Manager Institute in association with the Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay.

Various reports show that 90 percent of start-ups in India fail within five years of their inception, while around 6000 new start-ups come up every year. There is no clear reason attributed to the failure of start-ups, though separate studies show lack of sustainable innovation or lack of team bonding as some of the top reasons for failure.

“Major VCs and Investors now consider people management abilities of the entrepreneurs and the founding team before investing. Therefore, people management should be in focus right at the ideation stage of a start-up. Hence, we decided to partner with E Cell IIT Bombay and work towards creating sustainable companies out of young start-ups, even at the ideation stage, by helping them evaluate their people managerial effectiveness, free of cost. The start-ups that cross our threshold will receive a huge valuation boost through a strong media plan involving a feature in Forbes India”, says Kritika Pugalia, Client Engagement Manager and lead for the Great People Manager Study for start-ups.

Start-ups planning to register for the same can apply here:

This news has been covered in various media bodies. For full information about how this association works and why it is an important step for the Indian Start-up Ecosystem, please go through any of the media articles below:

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