Six infrastructure & real estate companies that are tackling the stalling economy through people management

Taken at the face value, reports suggest that India is facing a slowdown. Despite a slowing economy, few companies have managed to accelerate growth and empower its people through people management. Here is a list of six infrastructure & real estate companies that bagged our Great People Manager Awards’2019, plus insights on what makes them Great People Manager Companies:

Feedback Energy Distribution Company & Feedback Infra

Feedback Energy Distribution Company Limited (FEDCO) is a 100% subsidiary of Feedback Infra and is engaged in the business of electricity distribution. Trust remains the core value of FEDCO – for both customers & its people. FEDCO believes in building confidence amongst its people through honest, truthful communication, particularly in such trying times.

Cushman & Wakefield India Pvt Ltd

A “glocal” real estate brand, backed by a global presence & serving as the “local expert” for landlords, tenants, and investors. People management for Cushman & Wakefield is pushing people to take up new challenges, helping them think on their feet & making them believe that they are architects of the country’s housing infrastructure.

Chatterjee Cleaning Arts Services Pvt. Ltd. (CCASPL)

With 25 years of legacy in integrated cleaning services & facilities management, CCASPL has always been an innovator & a category creator. Collaborating with its people for finding newer solutions to existing problems, has been the leadership mantra for CCASPL.

Ozone Group

Bengaluru based Ozone Group redefined luxury living in South India & Mumbai. Quality is the best business plan, is the firm belief at Ozone. And no wonder that the group has been able to deliver 5 million sq. feet of property in just 5 years.


A Mumbai based company with 15 years of experience in facility management & a large footprint with over 300 clients in 55 cities. People management for PSIPL is inspiring its workforce to think of their clients’ problems as their own & bring out the best solutions – that are both cost-effective & sustainable.

A quick look at these six leaders in people management shows a common thread of realizing their ‘People Potential’ & being able to Connect, Develop & Inspire© their teams.

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