Managing Talent in Media & Entertainment Industry

“Talent, I believe, is most likely to be found among nonconformists, dissenters and rebels”

David Ogilvy

 Aren’t you amazed as to how much wisdom one can freely absorb from the great minds in advertising and media?

While it would take lifetimes to learn what the Ogilvy’s of this world knew, we can become substantially better at people management by looking at the people practices of some of the leading media & entertainment organizations that bagged our Great People Manager Companies Award’2019.

Broadcast Audience Research Council India

Drawing inspiration from Rubik’s cube, BARC is a leader in television metrics and is attempting to solve the puzzle of broadcast audience measurement. With innumerous partners collaborating with BARC to solve this puzzle, people management for BARC is not simply about their own people but also the external stakeholders i.e. vendors.

Cinépolis India

A recipient of “Most Trusted Brand of the Year 2018”, Cinépolis brought to India a unique multi-dimensional audio technology & an awe-inspiring visual experience. The purpose of the brand is to entertain & enlighten millions of people and create an immersive movie experience for the audience. This means developing high performing teams who have an urge to innovate & connect with the audience continuously.

Dream11 Fantasy Pvt Ltd

For any sports lover, a true on-field experience is as fascinating as it is rare! To give this dull reality a dreamy twist came Dream11, a fantasy sports platform that allowed millions of cricket fans in the country to finally have their own teams, albeit virtual! People management for the company is inspiring their teams to innovate so that millions of sports lovers can live their dreams, every day.

News Corp Mosaic Media Ventures Pvt. Ltd is part of Mosaic Digital, India’s leading news, data & research company catering to the growing needs of investors, entrepreneurs, enterprise tech companies, startups and more. For Mosaic, the key motto is how should the power of data be harnessed to gain insight on not only the behaviors of external customers but also their people?

People management for the M&E industry is unique because of the multi-generational workforce the industry recruits & a need for constant improvement led by their people – after all great people build great products.

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