Disruptors from the Internet & Software industry

If there is one term that is commonly repeated with reference to technology, it would be “Disruption”. It all began with the Kodak moment and gradually moved to the development of internet infrastructure.

As we write this article, there could be an innovation with AI & IOT happening in some parts of the world. To navigate this dynamic VUCA world, organizations across the globe have had to re-jig their business models & re-skill their workforces. But modern employees are constrained for time and undertaking courses may not always be feasible for them. In this changing landscape of learning, people look up to their managers for Connecting, Developing & Inspiring them.

Recently we celebrated seven organizations from the internet & software industry who have been major disruptors in tech & a part of our Top 50 Great People Manager Companies:

Vritti Solutions Ltd

“Vritti” as the name suggests means “A Wave in the Mind Lake” and the company has been creating ripples through its IT & IT-enabled media services for rural India. Being a recipient of the ACEF award for reputed campaigns like Navratna Oil – Khoya Paya, people management for the organization is encouraging their people to think global & act locally.

SRSG Broadcast Pvt. Ltd

A twenty-year-old firm with 8 offices across India, SRSG is the reason why Apple technology exists in India. People management for the company is motivating its people to reduce the turn-around times / reworks & going the extra mile for their clients.

HackerEarth Technologies Pvt. Ltd

A global hub of 3M+ developers, HackerEarth helps companies accurately assess, interview, and hire top developers for a range of roles. People management for HackerEarth is slightly different from its peers since the company primarily deals with techies & coders.

Applied Info Services India Pvt. Ltd.

Serving as a partner to several Fortune 100 companies, people have always been the strength of the company – particularly in solving their customer’s problems and being committed to meet the deadline & the budget.

Gozoop Online Pvt. Ltd

Be it the menstrual leave or mental wellness leaves, Gozoop has been a pioneer in creating employee-friendly policies. A digital agency start-up & a recipient of 16 awards at the recent 2019 DMA Asia ECHO Awards, Gozoop has been a leader in both digital business & people management.

Impetus Infotech India Pvt. Ltd.

With a focus on creating business impact through Big Data Solutions for Fortune 1000 enterprises, Impetus has created numerous AI & Cloud-Advisory solutions for its clients. People management for the company is enabling its people to develop a clear, unified view of business & a sense of purpose as to why they do – what they do.

Rakuten India Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.

In Japanese, the word Rakuten means optimism. Standing true to its name, Rakuten believes in creating a better future through its people. The organization believes that an employee with the right mindset can make the future better, compared to what it is today.

With its first season of Great People Manager Companies Awards, the aforementioned organizations made it to the top 50 league. Wish to be a part of it? Complete the contact form to get in touch with us.


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