Delivering Hope through People: Logistics Industry

Today technology hasn’t reached a point where food can be downloaded directly or deliveries can be 3D printed. As we wait for technology to develop up to that level, logistics still play a key role as far as deliveries are concerned.

The basic expectation from any logistics firm is a perfectly packed product, delivered as fast as possible. From the order point to the delivery point – the process has to be easy and clear. And what could be the key link throughout the entire process? The people, off course.

We, therefore, believe that as we witness the excitement of the big-billion-days, there are people from the logistics industry delivering hope silently, every single day! They connect us to goods, services, ideas, and technologies – improving our lives a bit daily. Recently we celebrated two organizations from the logistics industry who have been delivering hopes & are a part of our Top 50 Great People Manager Companies:

Expo Freight (P) Ltd

In a world of fast fashion and short lead times, Expo Freight (P) Ltd understands the value of timely delivery and the implications of a lost opportunity to any business. EFL’s presence in strategic sourcing markets is backed by the end to end solutions ranging from consolidations to pre-retail activities and a host of warehousing in key locations around the world. And this all backed by strong people management.

Cargo Partners

Cargo-partner is a privately owned full-range info-logistics provider offering a comprehensive portfolio of air, sea, land transport and warehousing services, with special expertise in information technology and supply chain optimization. People management for the company is ensuring that their people deliver the client’s goods in any part of the world – safely & on time.

We believe that something unique happens when these organizations deliver hope.

Lives are improved. Possibilities are created. Dreams turn into reality.

And one thing common between them is who they choose to have them do it – their people.

Have you leveraged the power of people at your organization?

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