Innovating through people management in the Manufacturing Industry

The importance of innovation in any business is like that of oxygen, food or water for the human body.

Either of them is not the purpose of life, but without them, there can be no life.

In this article, we cover four organizations that have been innovating in the manufacturing space, making them a part of our Top 50 Great People Manager Companies:

Hella India Lighting Ltd

A global family-owned company with three verticals in India – Lighting, Automotive, and Independent Aftermarket. The lighting division of Hella is perceived to be the “Light Expert” of the Indian market. People management for the organization is continuous innovation to provide integrated lighting solutions that truly illuminate the lives of people.

National Peroxide Ltd.

An organization with a rich experience of 60+ years and a leading player in the hydrogen peroxide market, people management for National Peroxide is driving behavioral change amongst its people and moving from a command-and-control style to a more facilitative way of management.

Vaibhav Global Ltd.

An organization guided by the purpose of “Delivering Joy”, Vaibhav Global is known as an electronic retailer of discount fashion jewelry, accessories and lifestyle products. People management for the organization is ensuring that their people can achieve the 4Rs of growth i.e. Reach, Register, Repeat Purchase, Retain. Through CSR initiatives like ‘One for One’, the organization has not just contributed to society, but also boosted its employee engagement.

Biesse Manufacturing Co Pvt. Ltd.

Biesse Group is a global leader in technology for processing wood, glass, stone, plastic, and metal. The company undertakes several challenging projects & the management believes that being a part of the company’s winning projects and experiencing them first hand unites their employees.

A commonality between all these leading manufacturing firms is having a value proposition for both their customers and employees. This value proposition builds a culture of people management & increases the commitment level of the employees.

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