Great People Manager Companies’2019 in Healthcare & Pharma

Healthcare is a place where people management matters the most – mainly because there’s so much at stake. If a doctor is unable to Connect, Develop and Inspire his/her team, it not just results in a disengaged workforce, but impacts a patient’s well-being and potentially their life too. We believe that by helping doctors or people from the pharma industry become great managers we are indirectly improving patient outcomes and quality of care.

We recently celebrated organizations from the healthcare and pharma sector through the Great People Manager Companies Award 2019.

More on our winners here:

Artemis Hospitals – With 400+ doctors and 11 centers of excellence, Artemis is the first JCI & NABH accredited, multi-specialty hospital in India.

Ami Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. (ALS) – An organization in the space of API development and contract manufacturing, the vision of ALS is to enhance business through partnerships and managing relationships.

Eisai Pharmaceuticals India Pvt. Ltd. – With a portfolio spanning several therapeutic areas and motto of HHC i.e. human health care, Eisai is the first Japanese company to have a 100% subsidiary in Indian pharmaceutical market.

CORE Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. – A leading diagnostics laboratory in India, using the three-pronged approach of “Diagnose – Predict – Prevent”

Nitta Gelatin India Ltd – A leading producer of Gelatin for pharmaceutical and food applications, NGIL is also popular for the production of collagen peptides for skin & joint health.

These organizations from healthcare have realized the importance of people management in improving the quality of care for the community. Have you? Take the first step now



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