World Product Day marks a new beginning for Product Managers

Product Tank and GMI

Product Managers can become great at their job of product management, only if they become better at people management. We believe this, and now our new partner (partnership announced today), one of the biggest communities of product manager, also believes this.

The core concept of Connect, Develop and Inspire also apply to Product Managers, because they can’t understand their stakeholders if they don’t connect with them. They can’t extract the best performance from the developers if they don’t inspire them. And if every single line of feature any one is writing cannot connect to the overall development of that individual, and the PM can’t help them see it, they cannot make sure a sustainable effective relationship throughout the development of the product.

On the World Product Day (26th March), we announced a partnership with Product Tank, effectively making an announcement to the world of product managers:

You can become a great product manager by becoming a great people manager. While focus on your domain skills is important, its the “people skills” which differentiates you from the rest.


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