Poetic Impact Stories for greater impact

With what Great Manager Institute has been doing over the last few years, there are a number of impact stories that have been created. Our success lies in the number of lives we can impact.

And here is a story of one such impact written in the form of a poem:

Once upon a time there was a manager;

Stuck in her career wanting to grow,

Stumbled upon Great Manager Institute that gave her a flow.

Decided to understand her style as people manager,

She got a mirror that did her a favor.

It showed her style, benchmarks with scores,

She knew then that she had to undertake a course.

Having gone through this experience with GMI (Great Manager Institute),

She started seeing improvements in her work performance, but why.

When you improve as a people leader, 

Your behavior evolves and you organically become a super achiever.

She ended up as top 100 Great People Managers in the nation,

Building her brand value, ending her career stagnation.

She got promoted in less than a month,

Showing what the value of an association with GMI is worth. 

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