You don’t always go the Church, sometimes it comes to you

Great Manager Institute’s Certification Platform is one of those unique platforms that do not measure its success by the amount of time spent on it, but by the amount of impact made by it. And if impact is the only focus, the same can be done not by just inviting users to come on our platform, but by also interacting with outside of the platform; and being in their lives in places that they are active in, with their due permission.

A few months ago, we had launched a partnership with Whatsapp (through Gupshup), where we started allowing our users to update their action plan implementation directly through Whatsapp without having the need to come to our platform.

Today, we extend the feature further, by taking permission from the user to allow us to interact with them on Whatsapp, right from the time of registration. We are getting closer to our users and we will use this closeness to improve their experience with us, effectively leading to an impact leading to behavioral evolution.

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