About 2 years ago, prior to the advent of COVID-19, we had gone to Sri Lanka and announced our expansion there.

The aim was to get the businesses in Sri Lanka excited enough to start engaging with our systems. We wanted to get them ready to accept people management as the most critical issue in any organization, and make them the realize the importance of the same irrespective of their size.

It started working and we did get some engagement, but then there was an economic downturn in Sri Lanka followed by COVID-19, which led us to put Sri Lanka out of our focus for a while.

But now, we are back! Today, we announced the launch of Great People Manager Study in Sri Lanka. Great People Manager Study is one of our most valuable properties in India in terms of its brand significance. So, it made sense to re-start our Sri Lanka expansion with the property that made us a name to reckon with in India.

So, yes, we are in Sri Lanka now, ACTIVE and KICKING!

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