Trial Partnership for the Job-seekers

Great Manager Institute’s Certification program aspires to become the gold standard when it comes to people management. Any individual wishing to get hired in any company at a managerial role shall have a significant edge over others if they are Great Manager Institute certified. Even if they have not undergone the certification program, they can use the assessment and profiling by Great Manager Institute to share their existing style as a people manager.

Any job seeker must show their various skills to the recruiter. Those skills and experience are reflected through a resume, but a resume in today’s world is incomplete without a people managerial style profile. After all, our research shows that people management is one of the most important traits needed in any managerial level hiring irrespective of their domain and role.

Hence, we have partnered with India’s leading job platform, agreement currently under trial, to provide everything a jobseeker needs to make their resumes shine– a nicely crafted resume (by our partner) plus a profile showing people managerial style (by GMI).

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