Entrepreneurs, Founders and Owners, Listen!

I know you handle many responsibilities and prioritizing the right responsibility is one of the biggest challenges. How do you know which aspect of your work drives up the value of your business?

We keep on talking to various VCs and Investors, trying to figure out what are the traits that make an “entrepreneur” more valuable, from the context of private markets.

Today, my colleague Shivangi spoke to a member of one of the largest venture capital firms in the world, and I recollect my interactions with various VCs and private equity investors. There is one element common in all these interactions: all of them mentioned that while valuing a company, they take into consideration leadership abilities of the core team, which effectively translates to their abilities as a people manager.

So yes, people management abilities is one of the important parameters in defining the valuation of a company.

All entrepreneurs out there, let’s connect to figure out how you can know your leadership style and undergo a behavioral evolution if required, to help boost your business’ value.

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