Diversity, Inclusion and Merit

Great Manager Institute is in active conversations with our sister company, an arm of Great Place to Work India, that focuses on Diversity and Inclusion.

So, when the Director of Great Manager Institute, Prasenjit Bhattacharya posted this thought-provoking articles on LinkedIN, https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/myth-merit-case-affirmative-action-prasenjit-bhattacharya, it got me thinking. Do our people managers, even the great ones who are certified by us, think from this context? Are we exploring enough about the myths of merit, because as leaders, it is our duty to deep dive into this thought process and see if we are treating the definition of “merit” in the wrong way?

This articles leaves us with more questions than answers. But these are the questions that need to be thought of.

Great Manager Institute is determined to remove the barriers or privilege while great people managers across the country, and we do this by being personalised, to the highest extent possible on our end; and through constant efforts to engage people from all backgrounds on our platform. We have decided that our “measure of success” will not just be the number of managers that we have, but also the distribution of managers that we have.

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