Why do Startups Fail? It’s PEOPLE MANAGEMENT

Today, I conducted a webinar involving various entrepreneurs and leaders from different walks of life.

The focus of the webinar was to figure out how can growing startups succeed. Since success of a startup is such a broad topic, I decided to limit the same to why startups fail. And in the process of figuring out why they fail, we may probably understand what it takes to succeed.

And, through a number of case studies and discussions of a few situations shared by the participating guests, we figured out that people management is key to the failure of startups.

And, Connect, Develop, Inspire is the mantra that can keep startups afloat.

This interesting revelation made us realize how we look at problems in the external market while they reside within our teams.

Entrepreneurs can explore our platform as now the platform is specially designed to support entrepreneurs grow as leaders using their people management style.

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