Message for Executive Recruiters

We initiated potential partnership discussions with a few executive search recruiters today.

Our message to them:

In today’s world, you want your candidates to stand out from the rest while presenting them to companies. And you cannot do it just through the presentation of their domain skills through CV, profiles and other works. You need a Profile which talks about their people managerial style. When people managerial style is known by a recruiter, it helps them know how fit a candidate is for their organization. Trust us when we say this, we have done numerous surveys and found people management as one of the most important traits evaluated while hiring anyone in managerial role.

When people management is so important, should not the profile of a candidate talk about that as well, besides talking about all sorts of experience? And, what better to talk about the same than through the use of the people manager profile accepted by thousands of companies across India.

Yes, I am talking about the Great Manager Institute’s Great Manager Profiling System.

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