Practitioner+ Product Manager+ Developer Feedback

We try to seek feedback from different customers all the time, and the focus is on engaging different stakeholders for sharing their opinions on using our platform. As a practice, while taking the feedback, we always categorize the feedback giver. The most common categories are: HR leaders, senior managers, junior managers, middle managers, entrepreneurs, CXOs, product managers, and so on.

Today, thanks to our advisor Guru Bhat of Paypal, we got our platform evaluated by someone who is a practitioner and hence understands the nuances of people management in his own context of managing his team of developers, and is also a hands on developer who understands analytics and can see how our system uses analytics, while being a product manager who can understand the user journey of the product.

And, we have received useful inputs that will now be used to improve the product even further.

These suggestions, these feedback, these critical evaluations, and these amazing praises are the reason why we create what we do!

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