Public Demos- Every Friday 11 am IST

We have started doing public demos of our product every Friday 11 am IST on Zoom.

And these demos are not just about telling the customers what we have, but are also about interacting with people managers and knowing their problems. Once we start knowing their problems, we can help use “people management” to solve the same as well.

Please bookmark this article and save the link given below to attend this demo any Friday.

Today, we had lots of amazing comments for our facilitator Shivangi Shinari- attendees saying that they learned a lot. We are sharing our proprietary methodology with the public through this, and I am sure the attendees will have something to take away from here. Meeting ID: 946 8975 2453 Passcode: 981810

(The featured image is just to give you a glimpse into our world of people management, where great leaders share their learning that makes our product much better)

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