Competition between Learning/Development and Recognition

There are 3 main reasons why managers come to us.

Either they want to develop themselves into becoming a better people manager, knowing fully well that such development can help them improve their business performance.

Or, they want to increase their brand value in the job or business market. After all, there are many case studies of managers undergoing a major transformation in their career path thanks to branding offered through certification and recognition by Great Manager Institute.

Or, as in most of the cases, the reason is a mix of the two, with generally one reason overpowering the other.

For us, all the reasons are important as our offering combines the two.

Today, we initiated a deep dive into understanding what is it that is more attractive; so that we can start working on increasing the attractiveness of the other one. In this process, we shared impact stories of managers coming to us and experiencing benefits in either of the two areas, and checked with our existing leads what attracts them more.

Well, we have found some results and we shall be working on making sure the value of both of our core offerings is maximized.

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