Answering the Questions of Skeptics about Great People Manager Study

Today we initiated messaging around why Great People Manager Study is important and provided answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Q: There are too many surveys. This recognition also requires surveying. 

Surveys are critical for understanding what your team members are feeling about leaders in the company. Despite many surveys, the importance of this process can’t be disputed, considering the impact it has had on many companies in the past. One thing we ensure that our surveys are super-short and technologically driven requiring minimal efforts from any company representative in making sure results are achieved. So, even if you are doing our sister company Great Place to Work India’s survey, you can still go for the Great People Manager Study with very less efforts and useful results. 

Q: The times are bad. We are not sure if our results will be good enough.

That makes the reason of undergoing this assessment even stronger. It’s important to know how people are feeling today, especially in the context of their current experience with their managers. The role of people managment is more important than ever. And we are seeing companies that are surprising themselves with their results. If you are too doubtful, you can start by nominating a few managers to begin with. 

Q: My employer brand is already very strong. How does this help?

Companies with Great People Managers is a tag that has been used by organizations in their quarterly or annual reports, glassdoor and various other places, from where they can attract managerial talent. Most employer branding focuses on fresh talent, while this branding can help you stand apart by getting interests from leaders. 

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