‘Collaboration, not Competition’ is a future trend that we believe in. In order to act upon this trend rightfully, we have created various community platforms. All of these communities work towards a common goal of redefining People Management.


 We provide a lifetime digital coach to our subscribers. But the same is not limited to Artifical Intelligence-based guidance. We empanel a set of mentors who work with us, using our framework, and add value to this digital coach.

GMI Think Tank

This is a think tank aimed at discussions on data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Participation is through invite and application.

Great Managers Community

This is an exclusive community of managers comprising managers recognized through the Great People Manager Study, selected managers certified through the Great Manager Certification Program, and other selected managers who apply with us directly (limited seats).

GPMS Community Partners

We invite B2B businesses to become our community partners and help us expand one of the world’s largest study on people managers.


We are in the process of onboarding independent facilitators and working with them to promote learning using our copyrighted frameworks.