Connect, Develop, Inspire©

Developed from15 years of extensive research and workgroup data and discussions



Connect, Develop, Inspire©

Great Managers connect with employees by communicating regularly and clearly, caring for them, and being fair. Great Managers develop employees by providing and seeking constructive feedback while providing growth opportunities. Great Managers inspire employees to give their personal best by recognizing their contributions and celebrating together.




Fair Treatment

Information Sharing


Candid Communication

Feedback Seeking


Care for Individual

Work-Life Balance


Involvement in Decisions

Feedback Sharing

Development Focus


Career Growth


Personal Best

Expectation Setting


Fun & Celebrations



The ‘Connect, Develop, Inspire’ framework for assessing and evaluating greatness or the ‘People Manager Effectiveness Index’ of a manager is a proprietary work created by Great Manager Research and Consultancy Private Limited, operating under the brand Great Manager Institute™. Any inspired usage of this term in any other literary work in a similar context, without appropriate credit to the author, is a violation of our copyright over this proprietary literary work.

Furthermore, we believe the following courses teach a manager how to excel in the above-mentioned areas:

  • Purpose Building and Clarifying Expectations
  • The Art of Recognition
  • Supporting My Team
  • Inform to Engage
  • Effective Listening
  • A Promise is a Promise
  • Personal Connect to Engage
  • Decision Making Involvement
  • The Gift of Feedback
  • Focused Skill Building
  • Career Nurturing