General Questions

If you are on any legitimate browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge, you should not face any issues. Internet Explorer is no more a supported browser for most applications, Edge would be a better option if you would like to stick with Microsoft. GMI has no preference as such, but I like to give a side hint to the users to use latest versions of Chrome!

Kindly check if the following is correctly entered:
Country Code: The country code should be of the country in which this mobile is currently registered.
Mobile Number: Please cross-check the digits entered with your correct number.
Network: Please check if there are any network-related issues with your telecom operator.
You will receive the OTP even if DND is activated on your mobile number.
In case you still do not receive the OTP, you can click on the Resend OTP button. This time, besides sending OTP to your mobile number, the OTP is also sent to your email address mentioned during registration. If you are still facing any issue, please reach out to us on [email protected]

Please make sure you follow the password rules mentioned on the login page. If you think your password follows the rule and is still not getting accepted, please reach out to us. Write to us using your registered email id.
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You may be seeing cached data from the past and you may need a hard refresh i.e. simply use “Ctrl + Shift + R” and wait for the page to reload. After reload you will be able to see the dashboard. If the issue persists, reach out to us for support. Please write to us using your registered email id. OR, simply message us here and I will ask my friends in the Customer Support department to get in touch with you.

Team Feedback Survey

Following are the steps to launch the team feedback survey:
➔ Go to ‘My Surveys’ tab
➔ Click ‘launch Survey’ on the right-hand side corner
➔ Click on ‘Choose this template’
➔ Fill in the details of your Peer/Reportee/Senior/Team Member (minimum 3 participants required)
➔ Submit the participants to launch the survey

To create your digital profile as a people manager it is important to launch the Team Feedback Survey which will help in identifying the areas which your team feel need to be worked upon. The insights from the TFS combined with Action Planning will help you in your journey towards becoming a great people manager. 

Style Cloud – This is the work of my various artificially intelligent friends. Together, we try to figure out what managerial style of yours is prominent and what is not so much. This is what we show through the style cloud! Hope you identify with it. If not, let me know, and I will see how we can improve further.

Heat Map- The heat map indicates the difference between your self-assessment survey score and team-feedback survey score for every sub-theme. Following is the colour scale:

➔ Shades of red: If the self-assessment survey score is more than the team-feedback survey. Darker the shade, higher the difference.
➔ Shades of blue: If the self-assessment survey score is less than the team-feedback survey. Darker the shade, higher the difference.

Employee Comments- These are the comments given by your stakeholders about you. We generally show all comments, but if the numbers are high, we select a few most prominent ones (that are recurring through the overall feedback) and show those to you. Again, my AI friends play a small role here, in selecting the most relevant comments for you to see.

Once you are done with the Team Feedback Survey, compare your scores vis-à-vis the benchmarks and understand the connects and disconnects between your self assessment & the team score through the Heat Map.

Action Planning

I will suggest you check out our social media channels for some stories of how action plans lead to behavioral evolution. Now, answering your question, action plan is planning of certain memorable and individualised actions that you take on a frequent basis and which eventually lead to a sustainable change in your behavior, effectively creating improved engagement and achievement of business goals.

You can directly update by coming to the platform and click on “Add Implementation Update”. Or, you can simply do it by using your Whatsapp. Just whatsapp us from your phone (the one used for registration if possible), and we will guide you on how to update your implementation actions. Simple and easy steps that you can do in minutes!

We recommend going for a minimum of 3 action plans. You need significant achievement in implementation of at least one action plan to get certified.

Try creating an action plan. And while you are creating one you will see the sample action plans appearing on the side. This is best seen on laptop.


The modules provide comprehensive and detailed understanding of the importance of Connect, Develop & Inspire® framework via various elements within each of the practices and how the same can be implemented at the workplace.

To be certified as a Great People Manager by GMI, a thorough understanding and application of the Connect, Develop, Inspire® framework is required. While completion of L&D modules is not a criteria, it is a necessity to develop knowledge of the framework and its application.

The e Learning modules are byte sized learning capsules with the aim of creating deeper understanding of how to incorporate Connect Develop Inspire® in day to day working.

These come to you based on the frequency at which you are seeing the videos in the L&D Main Section. Our A.I. system knows what is the ideal frequency for you and based on its understanding of what it should be, it will offer you mystery boxes at set intervals. Hence we request you to log in to the platform at least once a week. Else, you may miss out on some amazing mysteries that lead to some awesome gifts!

Case Studies are videos to enable better understanding of the topic through real-life workplace scenario.

The L&D content has been curated inhouse at GMI by experts with experience of over 2 decades in the space of Leadership and Talent Management. It also includes host of best practices from Great People managers across industries.


1. Post-survey feedback score has to be a minimum of 70%.
2. Minimum 60% positive feedback on at least 1 action plan.
3. Post-survey score should not have dropped more than 10% points from pre-survey.

Its ok! We request you to continue doing new action plans, and even seek help from our expert human coaches or mentors. They will suggest how to get the option of recertification. Please remember, the learning is along the way, not at the end of the road.

We recommend going for a minimum of 3 action plans. You need significant achievement in implementation of at least one action plan to get certified.

This is a question many have asked us. We believe that scores represent perception, while implementation of action plans reflect a focus towards behavioral evolution. Without behavioral evolution, any certification cannot be considered sustainable. And we are here to certify sustainable behavior (for at least the period of 1 year).