Great Manager Certification


What is the Great Manager Certification program?

A certification program for people managers that uses a unique style-based learning methodology to ensure proactive lifelong learning, by creating a personalized profile (along with contextualization in case of company-sponsored learning) and providing learning based on the same, using the perfect combination of world-class mentors, data analytics, machine learning and our proprietary Connect, Develop, Inspire© Framework.

This is designed for companies (enterprise package – any number of managers) as well as individual managers (individual package).


Process and Timelines

  • One-Day Workshop: Optional workshop to ensure an offline touch
  • Digital Intervention Profiling based on Personalized Assessment will decide the duration of learning, from 1 week to 24 weeks
  • Certification: Irrespective of the type of certification (company-sponsored or individual), the certification is valid globally.