Any working professional that works with a team of 3 people or more is fit for applying to the Great Manager Certification Program. The program covers all industries and geographies.

Here are the steps for an individual to undergo the Certification Program:

  • Introduction to Connect, Develop, Inspire Framework (through an orientation session or through a remote or recorded webinar – optional)
  • Profiling of the individual based on data collected through self-assessments, profile inputs and team surveys
  • Learning provided based on profiling through learning courses and personalized action planning
  • Re-assessments leading to Certification or further learning
  • Certification remains valid for 1 year – the manager must remain engaged on the platform and continuously receive new learning

Select your Package below:


INR 1500 ($21)
INR 800 ($12)
+18% GST
Per Year
One Year Access
Self Assessment Survey
Team Feedback Survey
Profile with Benchmarks
Access to Manager Mantras
Forbes Recognition Opportunity


INR 5000 ($70)
+18% GST
Per Year

Features (Including Profiling)

Action Planning(Recommendation)
Basic Learning Resources


INR 10,000 ($140)
+18% GST
Per Year

Features (Including Basic)

Premium Learning Resources

      Bonus Learning Resources


INR 24,000 ($320)
+18% GST
Per Year

Features (Including Premium)

Personal Mentor Support

Additional Action Plan and Learning Recommendations