Masterclass- Managing Remote Teams

Why should you attend?


As we stand before the door to a new world, all of us have begun to accept the changes that we have to make, not only individually but also as a business community. It’s no secret that we will be meeting a diverse set of challenges in the future; but the critical question to ask ourselves is – How are we preparing for the road ahead?
We at Great Manager Institute (GMI) have been regularly connecting with several Managers through our platform and are also having conversations with Industry leaders. The two words on everyone’s mind are “Remote Working.” In a future where Remote Working and Virtual Teams will be the norm, Managers currently are grappling with the following themes –
a) How do I build on the existing social capital and engage with teams virtually?b) How do I ensure employees don’t lose focus & continue working with a growth mindset?c) How do I introduce & sustain employee learning & development efforts amid the current context?d) How do I strike a balance between productivity & employee well being?


Session Fees

INR 2500/- + Taxes (2950/- Total per person

Date and Time

26th and 27th November 2020
4 PM to 7:30 PM on both days

Who can attend?

Managers with direct reportees/ Managers without direct reportees but working in a team/First-time Managers