Great People Manager™ Study

Because Great Businesses are built by People who focus on People.

Presented by Great Manager Institute™ in association with Forbes India.

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What is important to the workforce in India Inc.?

Companies realize the need to be great workplaces. They want to deliver the best possible experience to their employees. However, this remains an uphill task for most, despite great people policies.

Employees want to work in great workplaces. But they often get disillusioned after joining a workplace. What is it that they need and who drives that need? Manager or Company?

About the Great People Manager Study
  1. You register for the Study and agree to a survey
  2. We conduct the survey within your organization through a simple and easy process
  3. We provide deep insights, benchmarks and recommendations into your organization’s and managers’ people manager effectiveness indices
  4. We give you a comprehensive explanation and presentation of the Study findings
What you will get from this
  1. The Top 100 Great People Managers will be honoured and featured in Forbes
  2. Managers who cross the industry threshold in the team survey will be recognized with a ‘Level 1 Completion’ certificate
  3. Companies that conduct a full-scale survey and cross the industry threshold will be recognized with a certificate
  4. Unique profiles of companies and managers will receive the opportunity to be featured in Forbes India at a reduced price
What sets our Study apart
  1. Participation at zero cost
  2. Robust benchmarks represented by the best in the industry
  3. Association with Forbes India

Through the Great People Manager™ Study, we aim to help companies to

Understand Employee Experience

Evaluate Manager Expertise

Know & Boost Your Employer Brand