Great People Manager™ Study

Presented by Great Manager Institute™ in association with Forbes India. Participate and get an Entrepreneur/CXO Profile Report on your People Management Style.

Increase your Value as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs focus on building their businesses, but forget that sustainability of any business is dependent on their ability as a people manager. Through this Study, you get a chance to be honoured by Forbes India; and through the Report, you get to understand your Style as a People Manager. 

Use the Report to improve your abilities in people management, based on benchmark based recommendations, and also to showcase your style to the world, and attract better talent and investors. 

About the Great People Manager™ Study for Entrepreneurs

Great People Manager Study is India’s largest study on people managers that recognizes organizations and managers individually. One of its segments is also to recognize entrepreneurs separately. 

Once you fill this form, your team members will be sent a survey. Based on that survey, we will see if you pass our threshold for Round 2. You get a chance to be featured in Forbes, and access to a profile report in pdf as well as webpage format (so that you can display the same to the world if you choose to). 

About Great Manager Institute™

Great Manager Institute™ is a sister concern of Great Place to Work® Institute, India. It’s a global digital institute focused on evaluating and creating great managers.

People managers are constantly trying to integrate their company’s culture with their personal traits to enhance their performance. Almost always, this takes personalized support to grow & develop necessary style and skills. We provide that.

Gain access to various industry benchmarks when it comes to people manager effectiveness. Establish a contextualised manager style that defines you. Get recognized and certified as a great manager by the most credible institute in the domain Great Manager Institute™.

Through the Great People Manager™ Study, we aim to help entrepreneurs to

Understand Team Experience with him/her

Get a mirror of their Style of Management

Improve their Employability Brand