Great People Manager™ Study for Startups

In association with Eureka! IIT Bombay & Forbes India. Participate and get an opportunity to increase your Value and Valuation.


Why is this Important?

“Team is the most important parameter considered while selecting a company for Investment.”- Most top VCs in India including the ones associated with us.

And, the best way to judge the future sustainability of a team is to evaluate the people manager effectiveness of its entrepreneurs. Higher the effectiveness, more the sustainability, more the valuation, and better the success.

Register with us, and we will send a survey to your team members, after you share their email ids through our portal (or directly). Based on the results, you and your startup move to the next round. 

Value of this Recognition

Great People Manager Study for Startups, in association with Forbes India and IIT Bombay, is India’s largest study on startups, focused on recognizing entrepreneurs and startups that display greatness in people management (ability to build trusting people relationships). 

You get a chance to be part of a highly coveted Forbes List (see video), if you pass through all layers of our evaluation. Apart from the recognition in terms of value, you get a deep insight about your own style of management. This helps you improve yourself significantly and create a behavioral evolution in your style. Insights and Reports are paid, Survey and Recognition is completely free and merit based. 

About Great Manager Institute™

Great Manager Institute™ is a sister concern of Great Place to Work® Institute, India. It’s a global digital institute focused on evaluating and creating great managers.

People managers are constantly trying to integrate their company’s culture with their personal traits to enhance their performance. Almost always, this takes personalized support to grow & develop necessary style and skills. We provide that.

Gain access to various industry benchmarks when it comes to people manager effectiveness. Establish a contextualised manager style that defines you. Get recognized and certified as a great manager by the most credible institute in the domain Great Manager Institute™.

Through the Great People Manager™ Study, we aim to help entrepreneurs to

Understand Team Experience with him/her

Get a mirror of their Style of Management

Improve their Valuation and Brand