Great Manager Institute® Workshops – Interest Form

We conduct workshops on multiple topics with subject matter experts to create companies with Great People Managers. Our workshops include:

First-Time Managers – Equip yourself with the right tools and resources to seamlessly transition and succeed in your role as a First-Time Manager.

Fundamentals of being A Great People Manager – Transition from being good to great by learning what makes Great People Managers stand apart.

Effective Performance Conversations – Master having challenging and difficult conversations with your team effectively and regularly.

Managing Change – Equip your team with the right mindset to not just manage change but to thrive in a dynamic business environment.

Building Accountable Teams – Nurturing teams for better performance by setting clear expectations, communication and an enhanced sense of collaboration.

Managing Diverse Teams and Building an Inclusive Environment – How to foster an inclusive work environment by successfully harnessing and celebrating your team’s diversity.

Managing Hybrid Teams – Learn the art of successfully navigating the complex and nuanced challenges posed by Hybrid Work