Great People Manager Study 2020-Branding


Recognizing and celebrating the Top 100 leaders and managers through the print issue of Forbes India (scheduled for late July/early August)

Recognizing and celebrating the Top 100 leaders and managers through Forbes India website (scheduled for two weeks post print publication)

An Award ceremony to honor the “Top 100” shall be conducted in September 2020 in a virtual fashion – considering the current situation and travel advisory

Special Announcements will be made by Great Manager Institute in the month of August through the Great Manager League(Community) and other Social Media accounts of GMI.

Unveiling the stories of some winning leaders through podcasts, starting in the month of October

Short films covering some of the winning practices of the Top 100 managers and leaders shall be rolled out starting November

A comprehensive book covering a best practice of every winning leader or manager, scheduled for launch in December

Articles will be published from the month of January 2021 to March 2021 on Leadership in times of Crisis

Press coverage of the List by various media outlets

They can be used by Organisations (Badge: Great Manager Badge, Company Badge that says how many managers from the organisation are in the list)

A full page, in-depth interview to enamor the audience with your leaders, their success stories and formative moments in their career – celebrating all the phases of their journey with the organization. (Interview conducted by Great Manager Institute)

A special feature with a range of 3 more business leaders, sharing your accomplishments and how have you inspired fundamental change.(eg 1 page has a feature of 4 entrepreneurs, and one can select to be one of the featured entrepreneurs)

A full page, insightful story to cover your employer value proposition and what differentiates your HR practices from your peers.1 page or 2 page (designed by Great Manager Institute, with reference to positive recognition for the company as a whole and the winning managers)

An opportunity to reinforce your brand amongst an influential subscriber base

We help you syndicate your story to a wide range of news outlets and ensure a distribution to the right audience

A special issue to cover the success story of your business and the innovative programs that have led to something extraordinary

We help you with preparing and placing purposefully planned posts on all popular platforms to generate active conversations with your target audience