Great People Manager Study for Your Organization

The Great People Manager Study captures team members’ feedback on leadership effectiveness, on how your leaders and managers Connect, Develop and Inspire their team. Through 18 statements and 3 open-ended questions, we give you reports that tell you how your leaders and managers are managing their team. These reports carry analysis, benchmarks and recommendations, to give them the maximum value from their participation. The Top 100 Great People Managers and Top Companies with Great People Managers are then published in leading magazines like Forbes India.

It is one of the largest such assessments in India that helps to identify, recognize and develop Great People Managers across the nation. 10,273 leaders and managers from 4,189 organisations participated in the 2021 cycle of the Great People Manager Study.

This study also serves as a tool for internal and external benchmarking for your leaders and managers. You get an insight into your organization’s current talent standing – your performance as compared to competitors and industry, various demographic cuts and slices – eg: performance of millennial managers vs. senior managers, etc. It also focuses on areas of strengths and improvements, along with analysis at an organizational level.

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