Masterclass- How to create a Great Place to Work – Role of Great People Managers

Why should you attend?

As we stand before the door to a new world, all of us have begun to accept the changes that we have to make, not only individually but also as a business community. It’s no secret that we will be meeting a diverse set of challenges in the future, but the critical question to ask ourselves is – How are we preparing for the road ahead? 

We all know that people are the foundation of any successful organization and in this pandemic, their roles and especially the roles of people managers have become more critical than before.

As the world prepares for “work from home”, “ remote management” of teams and digital/virtual engagement, it is very important to understand how people managers play an integral role in creating Great Places to Work.

As part of a Masterclass Series to prepare and equip Managers for the post-COVID -19 world, GMI is happy to announce its second masterclass on  How to create a Great Place to Work – Role of Great People Managers. This engaging and interactive workshop being facilitated by Prasenjit Bhattacharya, Co-founder Great Manager Institute and CEO, Great Place to Work Institute, India, focusses on Key Principles, the framework, tools, and best Practices that Leaders and Managers can leverage to effectively lead, inspire and motivate their organizations and teams.

a) Understand the definition and characteristics of a Great Place to Work and the concept of people practices

b) Witness real-life case studies of organizations like ACT Fibrenet and Siemens and hear from their HR Leaders on how these organizations became a Great Place to Work and are maintaining that reputation even in these unprecedented times

c) Learn about best practices and tools that GPTW and GMI have researched and put together that are relevant for these times.

Session Fees

 INR 2380/- + Taxes (2500/- Total per person )

Who can attend?

CXOs/ HR Heads/ Organizational Development Leads, Senior leaders and managers

Date and Time


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Date: 25th June 2020

Time: 5 to 7 pm IST

Duration: 2 hours