Know More about Great People Manager Study

The Great People Manager Study 2021 helps your organization know its overall People Managerial Effectiveness, which is the backbone of employee engagement. You also get to know management style of various people managers in the company, and deep insights with demographics.

Great Manager Institute (R) conducts this study every year, and it is one of the largest such assessments in India. Previously, organizations who have undergone this study have seen a transformation not only in their Employer Brand (especially in the context of lateral hiring), but also in their Employee Engagement Scores.

Through 18 statements and 3 open-ended questions, we give you reports that carry analysis, benchmarks and recommendations, to give you the maximum value from your participation. And, technology ensures that this is not a process that takes too much time. There is no survey fatigue that can happen due to this.

The Top 100 Great People Managers and Companies with Great People Manager are recognized and the winners are published in Forbes India. Books, short movies, and much more are done for the winners, making the winning companies and the winning managers the center of attention of the employable world. It’s an honor for the CEO, CHRO and the HR team, that etches their significance in building a culture focused on people relationships.

Top 100 Great People Managers of 2020 published on Forbes India can be seen here:

And the Top 100 Great People Managers of 2019 published on Forbes India can be seen here:

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