Virtual Launch of “Crest and Troughs” with Ramesh Shankar S

Nothing is static in this universe. More so, in the current times.

To face this, the people manager of the future has to evolve as an emotional anchor. 

The breakdown of formal workplace structures may add stress to our lives. A leader’s role here is to listen to the unsaid and fill the void. 

Join us for a virtual session with Mr. Ramesh Shankar S, Chief Joy Officer, Hrishti and former EVP, Head-HR Siemens, South Asia Cluster, who talks about the “Crests and Troughs” in the lives of any corporate professional and how they can ride the wave successfully.

Session Outline:

  • 16:00 – 16:10 :   Introduction of the author  & our Chief Guest – Prasenjit 
  • 16:10 – 16:45 : Keynote address and launching the book with Anil Sachdev – Understanding how this book can help managers evolve into Great People Managers and why it is critical for success in their career ?
  • 16:45- 17:25 : Q&A by participants to panel of Anil, Prasenjit & Ramesh
  •  17:25-17:30 : Vote of thanks and expression of gratitude by Ramesh

More on the book:

CRESTS & TROUGHS is the third book in the “SIGHTS & INSIGHTS” series. It’s a compilation of blogs based on the author’s real life experiences and his interactions with family, friends and colleagues. It is like a mirror to reflect on and take away your own inferences and insights.