Great Manager Institute conducts regular webinars on original topics with a clear focus on conveying original knowledge that cannot be sought elsewhere.

Ongoing Series of Webinars: Some winners selected out of Top 100 Great People Managers shall be interviewed through a podcast, with an attempt to decode the secrets of becoming a great people manager.


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Previously conducted Webinars by Great Manager Institute

List of all Webinars

Employee Experience - The Myntra Way

13th May 2020 Sneha Arora, VP HR of Myntra, speaks with GMI on Employee Experience during the New Normal

Webinar #3 Mindfulness in times of Crisis

26th April 2020 A session conducted by our in-house facilitator, Maithily Bhupatkar

Webinar #2 Driving Accountability and Performance in times of uncertainty

24th April 2020 – Session conducted by Srikanth Kara (CHRO,Mphasis) and Anantadeb Bandyopadhyay.

Webinar #1 Communication in times of Crisis

22nd April 2020  Learn about communication principles, tools and best practices that organizations and managers are using with their teams, from: 

  • Dr. Deepika Dabke, Practice Head, Great Manager Institute and Great Place to Work India
  • Preemita Singh, CHRO, Hero Fincorp

List of all Masterclasses

Masterclass #2 How to create a Great Place to Work – Role of Great People Managers

25th June 2020-This engaging and interactive workshop being facilitated by Prasenjit Bhattacharya, Co-founder Great Manager Institute and CEO, Great Place to Work Institute, India, focusses on Key Principles, the framework, tools, and best Practices that Leaders and Managers can leverage to effectively lead, inspire and motivate their organizations and teams.

Masterclass #1 Managing Remote Teams

27-28th August 2020- We at Great Manager Institute (GMI) have been regularly connecting with several Managers through our platform and are also having conversations with Industry leaders. The two words on everyone’s mind are “Remote Working.”