Mentor Program

We are seeking to empanel a set of selected mentors who can be part of our Mentor Program and create more Great People Managers.

Who Can Be A Mentor?

Great Managers

Any manager who believes in his/her greatness as a people manager and would like to give back (generally by invitation only)

GML Participants

Any manager who is part of our Great Managers League

Freelance Facilitators

Any independent facilitator who focuses on people management

Research Experts

Any academician who researches people management

How much time does a mentor need to give?
It varies depending on the type of mentor and their proposed involvement. 2-4 hours per month per mentee is the typical expectation out of a mentor.

What do I get as a Mentor?
We provide honorarium to all mentors besides providing them regular gifts of learning on our end. Association is done in the form of partnerships that can lead to direct commercial benefits as well as indirect partnership benefits.

*Not all applicants are onboarded as mentors, as the process is limited by certain constraints of time and compatibility.