Here you can see some of our selected coverage in media. We have been extensively covered by Forbes India, our associate in the Great People Manager Study.

Our founders and leadership team have been prominently covered in the media for their successes over the years.

Winners of Great People Manager Companies Awards’ 2019

Let’s have a look at the list of organizations that won our Great People Manager Companies Awards 2019 and how people management has helped them succeed in ... Read More

Great People Management in the Consulting Industry

Consultants are problem solvers. They have the potential and expertise to help businesses attain their goals. We believe that people management is important for any consulting ... Read More

Great People Manager Companies’2019 in Healthcare & Pharma

Healthcare is a place where people management matters the most – mainly because there’s so much at stake. If a doctor is unable to Connect, Develop ... Read More

Celebrating people & organizations that spread the light of education

The role of a teacher is to illuminate. We believe that teaching is about spreading light across nations. Recently we celebrated five organizations from the education ... Read More

People Management in BFSI

Everything that is created is bound to change, including the financial sector. ‘FinTech Revolution’ has reshaped the financial services landscape by shifting focus from “tech-enabled human ... Read More

Innovating through people management in the Manufacturing Industry

The importance of innovation in any business is like that of oxygen, food or water for the human body. Either of them is not the purpose ... Read More

Delivering Hope through People: Logistics Industry

Today technology hasn’t reached a point where food can be downloaded directly or deliveries can be 3D printed. As we wait for technology to develop up ... Read More

People Management for the Electronics industry

Every electronics company is committed to creating newer experiences and possibilities for its customers. Employees at these companies help the management adapt to markets, discover newer ... Read More

Disruptors from the Internet & Software industry

If there is one term that is commonly repeated with reference to technology, it would be “Disruption”. It all began with the Kodak moment and gradually ... Read More

Winning the retail & automobile game with people management

Retailers are our everyday heroes. Be it solving a customer’s fashion dilemmas, settling their grocery worries or handling emergency repairs – they are the real on-ground ... Read More

Managing Talent in Media & Entertainment Industry

“Talent, I believe, is most likely to be found among nonconformists, dissenters and rebels” David Ogilvy  Aren’t you amazed as to how much wisdom one can freely ... Read More

Six infrastructure & real estate companies that are tackling the stalling economy through people management

Taken at the face value, reports suggest that India is facing a slowdown. Despite a slowing economy, few companies have managed to accelerate growth and empower ... Read More

Great Manager Institute partners with the Entrepreneurship Cell IIT Bombay

A nationwide study conducting the evaluation of people managerial effectiveness in start-ups and entrepreneurs has been launched by the Great Manager Institute in association with the ... Read More

Registration for Organizational Assessment

Please find below the registration form, required to be filled by the organizations, applying to conduct the organizational assessment within their organization, with respect to their ... Read More

GMI valued at 5.5 million USD (Q2 End 2018)

Great Manager Institute (GMI), a lifetime digital coach and profiler for people managers headquartered in Mumbai, has been recently valued at an amount of about INR ... Read More

Connect, Develop, Inspire framework- a new framework copyrighted by Great Manager Institute™

Based on decades of research and analysis applied by the team members of Great Manager Institute, a new framework – Connect, Develop, Inspire ©- was created ... Read More

Great Manager Institute appoints Google veteran Suryanarayana Kodukalla to its Advisory Board

Great Manager Institute takes pride in its unique team that keeps on growing regularly. The latest addition to the team in form of an Advisor is ... Read More

Great Manager Institute expands to Sri Lanka

In July this year, seeds were sown to expand to Sri Lanka. Great Manager Institute met a number of companies in Sri Lanka and introduced the ... Read More