• Companies can use the tool to input comments by their employees about the company and its managers gathered through their internal survey or any form of external survey, including and not limited to surveys from Great Place to Work ® or Great Manager Institute™
  • The tool can give outputs on the behavior of individual managers, as well as an overall idea of the company’s people manager effectiveness
  • Deep research-based reports based on demographics can be provided, along with clear recommendations based on the same.
  • Manager level reports can also be provided. One may argue that the human eye reading 5-10 comments for a manager may be more accurate than a tool reading the same, but let’s not forget - the tool is clear of any biases.

Opinion Behavior Mapping and Analytics Tool


is a text analytics tool that uses in-built dictionaries (with provisions of machine learning to self-improve), and is able to map opinions (or sets of opinions) given in the form of text about a person to his/her perceived behavior and provide an analysis based on the same. It is currently in Phase 1.

A Sample report customized for an organization can be seen here. This tool provides raw data that can be used to create more of such detailed reports.