Open Great Manager Certification

One-day Open Workshop plus Personalized Digital Intervention for Managers

What is the Open Great Manager Certification program?

A certification program designed by organizations for their selected managers, that can personalize the process of assessment, profiling, and learning for the managers, using the perfect combination of world-class mentors, data analytics, machine learning and our proprietary Connect, Develop, Inspire Framework.

This Open program is different from our company-specific Guided program in a way that your organization can send 2 or more managers as a pilot for this program. This batch can have managers from different organizations, unlike the company-specific batches.


Process and Timelines

  1. 1. One-Day Workshop: Open to managers from different organizations.
  2. 2. Digital Intervention- Profiling based on Personalized Assessment will decide the duration of learning, from 1 week to 24 weeks
  3. 3. Open Certification: Allows companies to nominate as low as 2 managers to start off

About Certification by  Great Manager Institute™

Great Manager Institute™ is a sister concern of Great Place to Work® Institute, India. It’s a global digital institute focused on evaluating and creating great managers. Our core expertise lies in creating your profile based on qualitative and quantitative inputs about you, using our data analytics and AI-based tools.

People managers are constantly trying to integrate their company’s culture with their personal traits to enhance their performance. This takes personalized support to grow & develop the necessary style and skills. We provide that based on the profile created.

Our certification is the only gold standard for certification of people managers in the world, thanks to our associations with credible organizations globally.

Through the Open Manager Certification Program, we help companies to

View Deep Personalized Profiles of Managers

Get their managers Certified – Open Program allows Pilot with selected managers

Significantly improve their Performance on all levels