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Our Demo & Algo 

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We would like you to understand the base of how we are applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in what we are doing.

  1. We create profiles for every manager based on quantitative inputs and quantification of qualitative inputs (using proprietary text-based behavior analytics tools).
  2. The said inputs come in the form of Self-Assessments, Profile Data Inputs and Surveys from relevant external entities. The entire system is designed around our proprietary algorithms.
  3. The bucketing of the profiles is done based on benchmarks received through data analytics involving millions of data points and subsequent knowledge.
  4. The profile buckets are constantly improved (and increased) based on the gathering of new data using machine learning (this is a work-in-progress).
  5. Based on the defined profile of the manager (the profile bucket as well as other demographic inputs leading to the deepest level of personalization), recommendations are provided for theoretical and practical learning.
  6. Based on the execution of learning and threshold scores required as per the demographic-specific benchmarks, certification is provided or re-learning is recommended.
  7. The entire engagement module uses profiling and machine learning to intelligently engage the manager with the most relevant global best practices (and solutions to their specific problems – work-in-progress).
  8. Auditing: Constant auto-audits are performed using our methodologies involving audit and the process is continuously improved using data analytics.

Simultaneously, we would like to give you a glimpse of some of the screens of the Certification platform.