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The ability to develop, restore and extend trust with all stakeholders is the key leadership competency of the global economy.
– STEPHEN M. R. COVEY- Author, The Speed of Trust

Trust is hard, real, and quantifiable. It measurably affects both speed and cost. A function of character and competence, trust can be created and destroyed, effectively taught and learned. In most cases, lost trust can even be restored.
This fast-paced and engaging presentation dramatically reveals TRUST as the hidden variable that will become your most leverageable tool, giving you a distinct strategic advantage. We call it Leading at the SPEED of TRUST.

By framing trust in a new light, this presentation will:
  1. Make the business and economic case for trust.
  2. Show how the ability to generate trust is the critical leadership competency in this new, global economy.
  3. Demonstrate how to master the skill of creating trust both personally and in your organization.
Event Details: 3 Hours Virtual Masterclass
Date: 24th Feb 2021
Time: 3.30pm to 6.30pm GST
5pm to 8pm IST
With “Leading with the Speed of Trust” you can create a high-trust team where communication, creativity, collaboration, and engagement improve. Productivity increases and costs decrease as attention is redirected toward objectives instead of suspicion and frustration.

Perhaps more importantly, Stephen M R Covey’s “Leading with the Speed of Trust” will ensure each team member learns how to :

-Talk Straight and Demonstrate Respect
-Create Transparency and Right Wrongs
-Show Loyalty and Deliver Results
-Keep Commitments and Extend Trust
-Confront Reality and Clarify Expectations
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